Ready to Buy a dental practice?

I help you make sure that you’re buying a sound investment—and the right dental practice for you.

I’m Bob Phillips, CPA

Over 35 years as a dental practice CPA.

I have assisted with two to three transitions per month since 1987.

I help dentists like you with one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make—buying a dental practice.

I only work with dentists, and I specialize in helping dentists perform the necessary financial due diligence on their practice purchase. My clients are free to focus on the other necessary components of due diligence such as reviewing patient charts and office systems.

Welcome to Due Diligence CPA

Buying a dental practice is one the biggest financial decisions of a dentist’s life, and securing expert due diligence will determine if you end up with a good deal or a lemon. 

I will complete an accurate assessment of any practice you are interested in with the same care and attention to detail you would give to a patient.

Doctors, when you are looking for someone who is:

1) Knowledgeable
2) Professional
3) Experienced
4) Fair

…and most importantly, someone who will put your interests first, look no further than Due Diligence CPA.

Why Choose Due Diligence CPA

The Due Diligence You Need in three easy steps

My proven three-step strategy to dental practice ownership allows you to quickly evaluate a practice’s complete financial picture without all the hassles, costs and stress.

Free Initial Consultation

Use this time to review the practice you’re considering, or—if you’ve already decided—to discuss how I can help you with your financial due diligence.

Financial Due Diligence

Every aspect of the practice’s financial picture is reviewed for accuracy. I can give you an accurate assessment of a practice’s profitability as well as alert you to the warning signs of a troubled practice.

Post Closing Guidance

From a post-closing checklist to professional referrals, here's what you need to know after you close on your dental practice.

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