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Bob Phillips, CPA

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I have over 35 years experience as a dental practice CPA.

I only work with dentists. Once you've identified a purchase opportunity you can leave the financial due diligence to me.

I have been a licensed CPA since 1983 and began working with dentists in 1987. I owned and ran a successful accounting firm from 1992 to 2021 and have helped hundreds of dentists purchase their own practices.

On average, I’ve assisted with two to three transitions per month since 1987.

I’m also a Certified Financial Planner. This means I’m held to a fiduciary standard and obligated to act in my client’s best interest.

Bob Phillips, Due Diligence CPA
Specialized Accounting Services

When you purchase a dental practice, a due diligence CPA who is also an experienced transition expert should be on your team.

I help dental practice buyers in three important ways:

1) I help determine the true profitability of the practice you are considering. This includes a thorough review of the business tax returns, financial statements, bank statements, and practice management software reports.

2) I verify all the financial documents provided by the seller.

3) I provide expert guidance with regard to allocations of the purchase price. Since allocations drive the buyer’s tax deductions, you want these to be as favorable as possible.

My only goal is to get you into the right practice.

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